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  1. Keeler intelliPuff tonometer used for Glaucoma

    Glaucoma risk factors and causes

    Are your patients at risk for glaucoma? In this article, we’ve compiled the risk factors, causes, and types of glaucoma to help you educate your patients. Continue reading to learn more about glaucoma.

  2. Does glaucoma cause headaches

    Does glaucoma cause headaches?

    Although glaucoma can cause headaches, it is often referred to as the "silent thief of sight" because sufferers rarely have symptoms to begin with. It tends to develop slowly over many years and affects the edges of your vision (peripheral vision) first.Let's take a closer look at the connection between glaucoma, headaches and migraines, and the different types of glaucoma and symptoms. 

  3. Four eye diseases that cause vision loss

    Four eye diseases that cause vision loss

    Did your ophthalmologist diagnose you with a degenerative eye disease? What does this mean for you? Will it make you lose your eyesight? These are relevant questions, especially considering the fact that age-related or degenerative eye diseases are the leading cause of poor vision and blindness in the

  4.  A Closer Look at Laser & Incisional Glaucoma Surgery Types

    A closer look at laser and incisional glaucoma surgery types

    As you already know, glaucoma is a progressive, chronic deterioration of the optic nerve that is commonly caused by increased IOP. However, there are multiple types of glaucoma surgery and devices designed to lower IOP, which will help slow down or prevent nerve damage. Although most cases of glaucoma

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