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Ophthalmic Instruments

  1. Essential vision testing equipment

    Essential vision testing equipment

    Ensure your patients receive the highest-quality care by using Keeler’s sight testing equipment. Read more about our essential sight testing equipment.

  2. Choosing the best ophthalmoscopes – here’s what to look for

    Choosing the best ophthalmoscopes – here’s what to look for

    Wondering what to look for in an ophthalmoscope? Discover everything you need to know about choosing the perfect piece of equipment for your practice. 

  3. A Guide to the Most Important Ophthalmic Ultrasound Equipment

    A guide to the most important ophthalmic ultrasound machines and equipment

    Ultrasound equipment plays a critical role in diagnosing a variety of conditions involving the eye. Learn about the different types of equipment here.

  4. Optometry Eye Exam Room Equipment: A Closer Look

    Optometry eye exam room equipment: a closer look

    Read about the most common optometry exam room equipment and the role each plays in patients’ care here.

  5. Inspecting the Difference Between Direct vs Indirect Ophthalmoscopes

    Inspecting the difference between direct vs indirect ophthalmoscopes

    While there are different types of ophthalmoscopes, the two that typically enter into conversations are the direct vs indirect ophthalmoscope.
  6. Keeler Is Now Manufacturing Protective Face Shields

    Keeler Is Now Manufacturing Protective Face Shields

    Over the past few months, everything has changed. As every industry struggled to accommodate to the new normal, one blaring truth rang through it all: America wasn't prepared for COVID-19 or any other pandemic. In an effort to help remedy the national shortages of personal protective equipment, we have

  7. Product Guide for Keeler Cryomatic Systems

    Product guide for Keeler cryomatic systems

    Since 1966, Keeler has been providing ophthalmic surgeons with reliable, high-performance Cryomatic systems. Over the years, we’ve worked to stay ahead of the curve to anticipate the needs of surgeons.

    Our hyper focus on the unique needs of ophthalmic surgeons has been the driving force that a

  8. Comparing the Best Binocular Indirects: All Pupil II vs Vantage Plus Binocular Indirects

    Comparing the best binocular indirects: All Pupil II vs Vantage Plus binocular indirects

    If you're looking for the best binocular indirects, we're fairly certain All Pupil II and Vantage Plus binocular indirects have made your short list. Both of these world-class devices are manufactured with Keeler's 100 years of innovation.

    Although both systems are infused with cutting-edge technology

  9. How to Change an Ophthalmoscope Bulb

    How to change an ophthalmoscope bulb

    An otoscope, ophthalmoscope, or retinoscope can be found in virtually every medical or eye care professional’s office. While the otoscope is used to examine the inner part of a patient’s ear, the ophthalmoscope or ret

  10. A Clear View into the Ophthalmoscopy Procedure

    A clear view into the ophthalmoscopy procedure

    Almost always performed by an ophthalmologist, or optometrist, the ophthalmoscopy procedure involves a thorough examination of the inside, back part of the eye. This examination centers around the fundus or the center of the eye. It takes anywhere from two to five minutes and is a safe, non-invasive

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