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  1. A Guide to the Most Important Ophthalmic Ultrasound Equipment

    A guide to the most important ophthalmic ultrasound machines and equipment

    Ultrasound equipment plays a critical role in diagnosing a variety of conditions involving the eye. Learn about the different types of equipment here.

  2. Considering New Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment? Read This First!

    Considering new ophthalmic diagnostic equipment? Read this first!

    Finding the latest and greatest ophthalmic diagnostic equipment for your practice can be a blessing and a curse! While cutting-edge diagnostic instruments can help you deliver remarkable patient care, the unwavering push to obtain the most advanced instrumentation can but a substantial strain on your

  3. Taking a Deeper Look at A-Scan Ultrasound Biometry

    Taking a deeper look at A-Scan ultrasound biometry

    A-scan ultrasound biometry is a relatively routine type of ultrasonic diagnostic testing used to diagnose a range of common sight diseases and disorders. A-scan (Amplitude scan) uses the high-frequency sound wave (ultrasound) to provide

  4. How UBM Imaging Is Key for Eye Care Professionals

    How UBM imaging is key for eye care professionals

    Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM) imaging is a technique for ocular pathology diagnosis. By producing a very high frequency, UBM imaging delivers greater quality imaging at extremely close distances — allowing for micro-sized images for specific diagnoses.

    Due to its high resolution, UBM imaging d

  5. Spotting the Similarities & Differences in A-Scan vs. B-Scan Imaging

    Spotting the similarities & differences in A-Scan vs. B-Scan imaging

    There are generally two types of ultrasonic diagnostic devices used by ophthalmic professionals: A-scan and B-scan instruments. As a leader in the ophthalmic instrument field, Keeler offers both types of innovative scanning systems.

    Since the introduction of this technology in the mid-twentieth

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