Give Your Patients the Best with the AOS Anterior Software

The new AOS Anterior software is a standalone solution designed to facilitate the automated analysis of the back your patient’s eye. Engineered based on industry accepted scales of grading, AOS Anterior delivers objective, reliable values to help eye clinicians in the diagnosis of a variety of eye diseases and conditions.

This innovative system helps reduce the amount of time your patient spends in the chair without sacrificing quality. Continue reading to learn more about some of the key benefits the AOS Anterior software can have for your practice and business.

Features of the AOS Anterior Software

The AOS Anterior software is an automated grading system that works with Keeler Slit Lamps. It provides detailed but easy-to-understand reporting for objective follow-ups, customer review, and patient records. Let’s look at some of the key features.

Bulbar Redness

Bulbar redness allows you to select areas around the Conjunctiva/Bulbar region and automatically grade redness level from a scale of 0-4. The AOS Anterior software will also extract and quantify the blood vessels over the area. It boasts the flexibility to deliver the results in four unique modalities depending on your individual preferences:

  • Redness map
  • Area
  • Comparison
  • Grid redness

Grid Redness

Once you draw the area to grade, you can choose the “Grid Redness” option to display a grid over the area you selected. This grid allows you to measure the level of redness in a patient’s eye on specific parts of the bulbar area. All results are shown on the Control Panel.

Redness Map

If you have an area of interest, you can draw over it to generate a color map, which displays a score equivalent to the redness grading. This feature provides an instant overview of the redness in the area of the patient’s eye you choose. You can use this feature to educate your patient on the inflammation or the redness.

Corneal Staining

The staining feature allows you to examine the conjunctiva and cornea to detect and quantify any staining, conjunctival folding, and punctates. You can use the 5-zone corneal grid you’re accustomed to or draw an area of interest

Lid Redness

The Lid Redness tool simplifies detecting Palpebral Conjunctival Redness utilizing the 0-4 scale. The results are displayed utilizing the 5-zone grid.

Medical Benefits of AOS Anterior Software

The AOS Anterior software can be used for virtually any pathology or condition affecting the ocular surface, bulbar redness, lid roughness and staining. Today’s current grading systems are all affected by the clinician’s experience and subjectivity; the same patient could receive different assessments from different practitioners.

For instance, while one optometrist could grade the patient a level two; another optometrist could grade the exact patient a level three. This variance could result in a patient’s condition being over treated, under treated, or outright misdiagnosed.

The AOS Anterior software provides physicians and clinicians an undoubtable and objective test to show the patient the effectiveness of their treatment. At the same time, it helps dictate which patients should be treated vs managed vs observed. The AOS Anterior software can prove to be vital for any physician or clinician working with:

  • Red eye
  • Contact lenses
  • Dry eye
  • Blepharitis

Business/Commercial Benefits of AOS Anterior Software

When practitioners use the AOS Anterior Software, you’ll gain a consistent, objective reading of your patient’s ocular surface grading. This will allow you to feel more comfortable diagnosing and treating your patient’s condition. It also provides an exceptionally helpful tool and opportunity for you to educate your patient. The AOS Anterior Software simplifies the how you explain the treatment options to your patient by breaking it down to an easy-to-understand grading scale ranging from 0 through 4. This helpful tool can help your business by:

  • Increasing sales of ocular lubricants, eye drops, and anti-allergy medicines — It also bolsters the likelihood of repeat sales.
  • Offering better contact lenses to customers — The AOS Anterior software makes it much easier for you to explain and demonstrate to your patient why a healthier, more expensive contact lens may be required and better for their eye health.
  • Improved professional fees — The AOS Anterior software makes it easy for you to explain to patients why an increase in clinic visits or repeated clinical visits are required. By having an objective system without any biases, your customers will be able to fully understand the seriousness of their condition as well as why additional fees for the management of their condition is necessary.

Increase Treatment Effectiveness with Customer Buy-Ins

The AOS Anterior software gives clinicians a critical tool in the assessment of conditions affecting the ocular surface with the accuracy and consistency to eliminate the occurrence of variability between clinicians.

In addition, the AOS Anterior software is a unique patient education tool that empowers the patient to take ownership of their condition. The patient can then work to improve their “score” through the treatment regimen you assign.

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