Keeler slit lamp donation to dominica


A few months ago, Keeler supported the Vision 2020 LINKS Programme to ensure that a slit lamp donated to Dominica made it safely to its destination.

Jon Wild's team worked with the Royal London, Barts Health NHS Trust Ophthalmology Department to disassemble the kit, package it, and organize the shipping of this vital donation.

The laser unit replaced the only one in Dominica that had broken down, leaving the local hospital without laser treatment options. This made the donation crucial for meeting a growing eye care need in Dominica, particularly for treatment of diabetic retinopathy.

Biotechnician Mr. Robin Williams assembled the unit under the guidance of Lightmed Corporation's Ms. Jennifer Lee and her team via WhatsApp video.

The installation of the device has been very well received and has already helped treat patients who would otherwise have been at risk of losing their sight.

Following the success of this collaborative project, the team at Keeler are excited to discuss other opportunities to work with and support the Vision 2020 LINKS programme in the future.

For now, we’re happy to be able to share a photo with you of the first patient who underwent laser treatment for diabetic macular edema.