A Guide to the Most Important Ophthalmic Ultrasound Equipment

Ophthalmic ultrasound machines and equipment play a critical role in your ability to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions involving the eye. At Keeler, we offer a full range of the most cutting-edge ophthalmic ultrasound equipment to meet even the most demanding clinical needs.

Our ophthalmic ultrasound equipment includes:

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A-Scan ophthalmic ultrasound equipment

A-scan ultrasound refers to the single-dimensional amplitude modulation scan. This essential ophthalmic ultrasound equipment is used to measure AL, which stands for axial length. This measurement is critical for calculating IOL or intraocular lens before performing cataract surgery.

Another key application of A-scan ophthalmic ultrasound equipment is determining ultrasonic properties, such as low internal reflectivity and high internal reflectivity.

A-Scan Plus Connect

The A-Scan Plus Connect is designed to meet the demands of today's refractive cataract surgery. It is the single most effective solution for measuring and calculating all of your patients' cataracts and refining surgical outcomes. It even works well with dense cataracts or patients with fixation difficulties.

The portable A-Scan probe only weighs 0.08 ounces and has a width of 0.2" and a length of 1.75". It delivers industry leading resolution and can be used immersed or direct contact. Optimized lens constants for superior surgical outcomes that include ACD and VCD materials for new emerging implant/chamber materials.

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B-Scan ophthalmic ultrasound equipment

B-Scan ophthalmic ultrasound equipment is a two-dimensional, cross-section brightness scan. This ultrasound device is used to evaluate orbital pathology and the posterior segment, especially when a direct view is impossible and ocular media is cloudy.

The B-Scan is extremely sensitive to any high reflective materials present. As a result, it can detect a variety of intraocular foreign bodies, such as calcium found in optic nerve head drusen.


B-Scan Plus

The B-Scan Plus is complementary to the A-Scan in the analysis of intraocular processes due to its unique ability to present different topographic features, such as the shape and anatomical relationship to other structures of the eye.

With 0.015mm image resolution, the B-Scan Plus is among the highest in the medical industry. The unsurpassed data analysis contains 12 useful measuring calipers, including six lines, two areas, two angles, and two arrows as well as "smooth zoom" technology allowing for 2x full-image zoom without distortion. The probe is easily portable, measures 7" long, weighs 6 ounces and is only 1.25" wide. This device can run at 12 or 15 MHz.

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UBM ophthalmic ultrasound equipment

UBM (ultrasound biomicroscopy) is an effective technique used for imaging anterior segments of the eye. 

In comparison to other ophthalmic ultrasound equipment like the 10 MHz A-Scan or the 12/15 MHz B-Scan, UBM equipment uses a significantly higher frequency transducer usually between 35 up to 100 MHz. This higher frequency results in up to 25 um axially and 50 um laterally — even though it contends with a lower depth of tissue penetration.

A UBM is useful for imaging the anterior segment of the eye to view things like ciliary body cysts, angle-closure glaucoma, pathologies, neoplasms, and angle trauma. 

The UBM is also critical for attaining viable refractive outcomes following cataract surgery. This piece of ultrasound equipment allows you to visualise the following structures:

  • Iris
  • Cornea
  • Scleral spur
  • Anterior chamber angle
  • Posterior chamber
  • Ciliary body
  • Anterior Chamber
  • Lens

UBM Plus 

The portable UBM Plus probe is an incredibly portable device because the 48MHz probe plugs directly into any Microsoft Windows laptop or desktop computer and measures 1.25" in diameter, 7" in length, and weighs only 6 ounces. It has a guarded tip to prevent damage to both the patient and the probe. The user friendly interface allows  for time saving automatic EMR exports as well as tools for measuring sulcus-to-sulcus, anterior chamber depth, positioning of intraocular lenses, and filtration angle of the eye. This ultrasound biomicroscopy unit features an all-in-one probe design to eliminate signal loss and provide the sharpest images possible.

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Pachymetry or pachymeters allow ophthalmologists and surgeons to effectively measure the thickness of the cornea in patients suffering from glaucoma, those considering refractive surgery, or patients with suspected hypertension. One of the most attractive attributes of using the pachymeter is how cost-effective the device is — compared to more expensive alternatives, such as confocal microscopy.


PachPen handheld pachymeter

The PachPen and PachPen Vet handheld pachymeters are the perfect combination of accuracy, portability and comfort. The superior ergonomic design fits comfortably in any hand, weighs 3 ounces, and measures 7-1/4" x 1-1/4". The PachPen handheld pachymeter is also equipped with Accutome’s Digital Signal Analysis which will eliminate non perpendicular measurements on the cornea.

The pachymeter probe has a gentle touch probe, converts IOP measurements in seconds, and provides a sampling rate of 65 MHz. It boasts up to 9 measurement areas per eye and an accuracy of +/- 5 microns.

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A-Scan, B-Scan, UBM, and Pachymeter in one, easy-to-use platform

Designed with eye care professionals in mind, the 4Sight provides a unified solution to eliminate wasted time switching modalities by combining the A-Scan, B-Scan, UBM, and pachymeter probes together into one unit. The modular platform allows not only for mix-and-match probe options but also the ability to use the probes with the 4Sight or plug them directly into a laptop. The 4Sight is accurate, efficient, and affordable, making your job easier.