Ophthalmology Patient Education's There an App for That
Today, there are mobile apps for virtually any and everything! For instance, there are mobile apps for you to find people to cuddle with (Cuddlr) and even mobile apps to make your day worse (Demotivational Pics). It should come as no surprise there are a plethora of different mobile apps designed specifically to enhance ophthalmology patient education. Let’s take a look at some of the highest-rated and most popular mobile apps for improving ophthalmology patient education. 

The Eye Handbook for Ophthalmology Patient Education

While there are over 80 apps for the eye care field, no app is more robust, offers more features and more tools than the Eye Handbook. The Eye Handbook is a comprehensive treatment and diagnostic reference app that boasts a myriad of functions to help you deliver quality eye care in a timely and efficient manner. In addition to a range of different ophthalmology patient education materials and videos, Eye Handbook offers:
  • Practice efficiency tools
  • Testing calculators/tools
  • Eye atlas
  • Videos and lectures
  • Physician references
  • Coding/revenue tools
  • Journals/meeting portals
  • Treatment reference manuals
Download the Eye Handbook by Cloud Nine Development

FollowMyHealth for Ophthalmology Patient Education 

If you’re not already on FollowMyHealth, you can significantly bolster patient education with this powerful tool. FollowMyHealth is an excellent teaching tool and a great way of communicating with your patients. Usage of the app greatly improves your patients’ adherence to your plans and delivers seamless access to healthcare services. For example, FollowMyHealth allows your patients to:
  • Schedule appointments
  • Ask you questions
  • View their test results
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Manage healthcare bills
  • View health journals
  • And access additional health tools

Draw MD Patient Education for Healthcare Providers

Did you know people process images and graphics 60,000 times faster than text alone and an astonishing 90% of information  transmitted to your brain is visual? The Draw MD App capitalizes on this human nature fact and empowers ophthalmologists to draw out surgical procedures in a way your patients can easily understand.  Using the app is really simple!  After selecting a template, you’re presented with a range of different options to help you create the perfect Picasso. Then press play to show off your creation and improve your ophthalmology patient education. Best of all, you can try DrawMD app for free

Simply Sayin

Have you ever felt like you were Charlie Brown when explaining an ocular condition to your patient? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, the medical jargon used by healthcare professionals can be overwhelming to children — and adults.  The award-winning Simply Sayin app was engineered to facilitate clearer conversations between you and your patients. This powerful mobile resource will help you promote positive ophthalmology patient education and experiences.  The app uses sounds, pictures and a family-friendly glossary of terms to help your patients understand and buy into the treatment program. In addition to more transparent terms, the app uses photographs, illustrations, anatomical images that can be created free hand to illustrate medical conditions and surgical procedures. In addition, Simply Sayin offers sound clips that can switch between Spanish and English. 


Rendia is designed to bolster ophthalmology patient education by offering simple explanations for complex conditions. The app uses engaging visuals and provides easy-to-understand, high-quality videos that illustrate a variety of conditions as well as treatment options.  Rendia’s educational presentations are designed to help your patients become more informed and to reduce the anxiety surrounding conditions and procedures. Your patients can browse the Rendia app while in your waiting room or view videos on a larger screen with your commentary for a more detailed explanation.

Ophthalmology Patient Education: Booklets, Brochures, Video Etc

When discussing ophthalmology patient education, it’s only fair we discuss one of the largest collections of ophthalmology patient education videos, booklets, and brochures at the American Academy of Ophthalmology! At the robust Academy Store, they offer virtually everything you need to keep your patients in the know about a range of different conditions. For instance, you can browse easy-to-understand video content for:
  • Cataract & Refractive Surgery Video Collection 
  • Glaucoma Video Collection
  • Retina Video Collection
  • Pediatrics Video Collection
  • Oculoplastics Video Collection
  • Waiting Room Videos
  • And much more

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