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  1. Focused on Friday — episode 3: Cheryl

    Focused on Friday — episode 3: Cheryl

    Focused on Friday episode 3 features our Sales Operations Manager for the US, Cheryl Liberati. Cheryl has been with us for many years, and we took some time to see where her focus is at Keeler.
  2. A Beginner's Guide to Conducting a Retinoscopy Procedure

    Mastering the retinoscopy procedure: a beginner’s guide

    Read this helpful guide to learn everything you need to know to master the retinoscopy procedure.
  3. Focused on friday Bhupinder Lotay

    Focused on Friday — episode 2: Pindy

    We continue our Focused on Friday series with Bhupinder aka Pindy, our Senior Product Manager for both our Ophthalmic ultrasound and Cryo product lines . Pindy has been an essential part of the Keeler crew for over 10 years!

  4. 5 Commonly-Performed Types of Ophthalmic Surgery

    Ophthalmological surgery: what are the most common eye procedures?

    Eye surgery can treat and correct a wide range of issues – and the results can be transformative. Discover the most common types of ophthalmic surgery here.
  5. Focused on Friday — episode 1: KK

    Focused on Friday — episode 1: KK

    Our first Focused on Friday episode features our US Senior Product Managers. KK has been with us for over a year, and we took some time to see where his focus is at Keeler.
  6. TonoCare air puff tonometer being used for examination

    Keeler has a new brand

    Keeler, a long-standing leader in the ophthalmic industry, is announcing the launch of a new brand, heralding a major refresh of their presence in the market.
  7. The Invisible Disability: Understanding The Types of Color Blindness

    The invisible disability: understanding the types of color blindness

    Today, there are an estimated 300 million people who suffer from color vision deficiency (CVD). How prevalent is the condition? Impacting more men than women,

  8. Inspecting the Difference Between Direct vs Indirect Ophthalmoscopes

    Inspecting the difference between direct vs indirect ophthalmoscopes

    While there are different types of ophthalmoscopes, the two that typically enter into conversations are the direct vs indirect ophthalmoscope.
  9. Is It Blepharospasm or a Random Twitching of the Eye?

    Is it Blepharospasm or a random twitching of the eye?

    Also known as eyelid twitching, benign essential blepharospasm is a very rare condition. In fact, an estimated 2,000 people are

  10. The Causes of Corneal Edema and How It is Treated

    The causes of corneal edema and how It's treated

    Corneal edema refers to the swelling of one or multiple layers of the cornea. Corneal swelling is a common condition that can affect anyone but is frequently seen in people over the

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