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  1. Common Vision Problems in Young Children

    Common vision problems in young children

    You may be surprised to know that 3% of all young children in the United States suffer from one or more types of vision problems according to data from the

  2. What Is a Pinguecula?

    What is a pinguecula?

    A pinguecula is a yellowish, noncancerous mass that grows on the side of the eye nearest to the nose. Too much UV exposure can increase the likelihood of developing a pinguecula. 

    In fact, those who live closest to the equator—in areas where the sun is most intense—are more likely to

  3. The Connection Between Blood Pressure and Eye Health

    The connection between blood pressure and eye health

    Understanding the correlation between blood pressure and eye health is an important part of being an eye care professional. It’s even more important to help your patients understand this link. Untreated high blood pressure (HBP), in particular, is not only linked to heart disease, stroke, and death, b

  4. Let's Focus on the Common Causes Of Eye Pain

    Let's focus on the common causes of eye pain

    Becoming educated about the common causes of eye pain can help you know when to seek care by your eye doctor. If you are an eye care professional then you can use this blog as a guide to educate your patients on the different types of eye pain they can experience. Eye pain, formally called ophthalmalgia,

  5. A Guide to Refractive Errors

    A guide to refractive errors

    Whether it's nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness, they all cause vision problems making it more difficult to see clearly. These are known as refractive errors and are caused when the shape of the eye prevents light from correctly focusing on the retina. 


  6. Opticyte: Better Scientific Process, Better Outcomes

    Opticyte: better scientific process, better outcomes

    As the CEO and founder of Merakris Therapeutics, I was extremely proud to partner with Keeler to help advance our missions. Their forward-thinking culture aligned perfectly with our values, and they have proven to be an ideal partner for our Opticyte Amniotic Ocular MatrixRM product line. This state-of-the-art biological barrier graft protects damaged eye surfaces during healing in patients who may suffer from corneal defects, such as dry eye disease.
  7. Be Safe & Clear with Tonoclear Disposable Applanation Tonometer Prisms

    Be safe & clear with Tonoclear disposable applanation tonometer prisms

    If you are currently using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to disinfect your Goldmann applanation tonometers, now is the perfect time to clearly see the benefits

  8. A Closer Look at Keeler’s Amniotic Ocular Matrix

    A closer look at Keeler's amniotic ocular matrix

    An amniotic membrane (AM) is designed for use with certain corneal and conjunctival diseases. The amniotic membrane helps in the healing of wounds and can help prevent the formation of scar tissue because it has powerful anti-scarring and antifibrotic properties. 

    Although AM has

  9. Macular Degeneration & Other AMDs

    Macular degeneration & other AMDs

    Across the United States, macular degeneration impacts over 10 million citizens and is the leading cause of vision loss, even more than glaucoma and cataracts combined. 

  10. What is Corneal Abrasion and Can It Affect My Vision?

    What is corneal abrasion and can it affect my vision?

    A diagnosis of corneal abrasion by your doctor can sound scary and complicated at the same time. Before you ask: “What is corneal abrasion?” your ophthalmologist may explain that it simply means a scratched cornea. 

    According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), it

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