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Rewards program

20/20 Club

Here at Keeler we appreciate your business more than anything! As our way of saying “thank you,” we have created a loyalty program called The 2020 Club! By joining the club, you will be eligible to earn equipment rewards based on your annual purchases from our line of pharmaceuticals and clinical supplies.

Binocular indirects

3-3-1 Vantage Plus offer

Ready for a new Vantage Plus? Buy three Vantage Plus BIOs, get one free with trade-in of any 3 BIOs.

BIO price freeze

We know times are hard financially and in an effort to support our customers we are freezing our pricing on all of our binocular indirects

Cryo systems

Get 10% off your cryo purchase

Get 10% off the Keeler Cryomatic MKII when you trade in any make or model cryo system and for a limited time receive a free cryo cart.

Get your free probe!

We are offering all customers a free sample of our single-use cryo probe. Claim yours now!

Equipment warranties

Double warranties on equipment

Your equipment warranty will be doubled if you purchase (or will purchase) any ultrasound or diagnostic equipment between April 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023. Register your unit now!

Slit lamps

Slit lamp summer special

Summer is in the air and Keeler is bundling the Vantage Plus Wireless, applanation tonometer, and slit lamps to give you a great deal.

Free portable slit lamp case

Purchase a PSL and receive a complimentary hard metal travel case for it. Protect your investments when you're on the go.


Claim your instant rebate

Buy a Keeler Pulsair Desktop tonometer now and get an instant $1,686 rebate.

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